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Country Helpline- SWITZERLAND.

In Switzerland there are three other human rights based organisations who are working on the topic of human trafficking and look after the individual victim’s support and protection. They are located in different areas/regions in Switzerland:

FIZ Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration

Badenerstrasse 682, CH 8048 Zürich

Tel: + 41 44 436 9000 | Fax: +41 44 436 9015

Direkt: +41 44 436 9012 | [email protected]

Arbeitstage: Di, Mi, Do, Fr

ASTREE(Association de soutien aux victimes de traite et de l’exploitation)

Ruelle de Bourg, 7
1003 Lausanne

t: +41 (0)21 544 27 97
e-mail: [email protected]

CSP Genève
Rue du Village-Suisse 14

(Case Postale 171)

1211 Genève

T: +41 (0)22 807 07 00

e-mail : [email protected]

Antenna Mayday

Via Merlina 3a

6962 Viganello

Tel. +41 (0)91 973 70 67

e-mail : [email protected]


Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE) was established by a group of Religious representing several different congregations working against human trafficking in Europe.

All people are created in the image of God. We, the Religious of Europe, believe in a world where everyone has a right to human dignity. Human dignity cannot be compromised. Therefore we labour to free the world from trafficking and exploitation.
To respond in the light of Gospel values to the issue of trafficking of women, children and men.
• To develop awareness – raising activities against human trafficking and the growing demand within all levels of society in Europe, using all forms of modern technology and communications;
• Networking and sharing resources, skills and knowledge;
• To research and implement actions against the growing demand for such abuse in the countries of origin and destination.
Membership of RENATE is open to:
• a Religious female/male–working/living in Europe;
• a lay person working with or for Religious in the field of anti-trafficking in Europe;
Friends of RENATE:
• All are welcome to support in different ways: financially, with skills & expertise, prayer etc;
• They may come from all faith traditions or none;
• They will receive updates and newsletters;

We invite others to join us in this, God’s Mission.

Ending Trafficking Begins with US.



Together with Church, State and Civil Society, in conjunction with realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals, RENATE Network is committed to:

• Working tirelessly to rehabilitate victims, free the world of  sexual and labour exploitation, slavery and forced organ harvesting.
• Addressing the root causes of systemic injustice that creates and sustains this vile trade in human lives.
• Using its network to strengthen communication and co-operation between countries of origin, transit and destination.
• Providing opportunities for the full reintegration of victims which can include protection in a safe home, acquisition of proper documents and training for meaningful work so that victims can regain and be enabled to live life to the full.
• Educating society, particularly youth, to view all forms of human trafficking and exploitation as totally unacceptable.
• Challenging judicial and civil authorities to adopt and enforce legislation that protects victims, provides them with adequate compensation, punishes clients and buyers and seizes the assets of perpetrators.
• Collaborating with the media in efforts to bring a strong voice to the attention of the world denouncing all aspects of human trafficking and exploitation.

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