2022 Assembly


CCARHT 6th Annual Summer Symposium.


Theme: The Body in Trafficking. 29 June – 2 July 2021

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The four-day symposium with three days open to scholars, policy makers, media specialists, protection services, and a fourth day particularly dedicated to developing young researchers in the field – will interrogate in depth some of the most egregious assaults on the human body effected by Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery crimes.

CCARHT works with the Centre of Global Human Movement, the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and the Institute of Criminology, at the University of Cambridge, and brings academics, policy makers, NGO project directors and CEOs, business, law makers and prosecutors to an annual symposium, held at the Judge Business School in the first week of July every year.

Currently in Pandemic times all offerings from CCARHT are online.

UCESM Webinars: Spiritual Abuse


Featuring a dialogue with the speakers and group work


28 April 2021:

  • Sr. Dr. Katharina Kluitmann osf, President DOK (D), theologian, psychologist.
  • Mrs. Dr. Doris Reisinger-Wagner, theologian, philosopher, author.

18 May 2021:

  • Sr. Véronique Margron op, President CORREF (F), theologian, moralist.
  • Br. Brendan Geary fms, clinical psychologist.


French, Italian, English, Spanish and German with similtaneous translation

This webinar is linked to a second webinar on 18th May 2021, but it is possible to participate in only one session.

Register online here:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +32 2265 0156

Easter Triduum – a Virtual Resource.


Composer-in-residence at the University of San Francisco and NCR board member Dan Schutte created a virtual liturgical celebration of the Triduum for this exceptional year.

During this time of global crisis, Schutte said he was feeling the loss of being able to celebrate the liturgy of the Easter Triduum with his home parish. This sadness inspired him to create a virtual celebration to help us be in communion, even though we are physically separated. You can find the entire Easter Triduum virtual celebration here.

Visit this page for liturgies for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.

See also this video meditation on worshiping with the Communion of Saints to set the stage for how we can be united in prayer during this Holy Week, while still being physically separated.

Webinar in US 20 July on the displacement of people/forced migration and its contribution to Human Trafficking (from Margaret Gonzi).


RENATE member Margaret Gonzi, OLCGS, sends us news of an hour-long webinar to consider the issues which contribute to the displacement of people and are at the root cause of forced migration and rendering people more vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation.

The webinar takes place on Saturday 20 July at 14.30 EST (18:30 GMT Europe).

Sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Justice for Immigrants, the webinar is a platform to share learnings and insights as we explore the reality causing so many to undertake the dangerous journey north – in particular, the conditions in the northern triangle country of Honduras- and then endure the horrendous conditions at the detention centres at the US border.

In March 2019, a delegation of faith leaders, including Ann Scholz, SSND, Leadership Conference of Women Religious; Maria Orlandini, OSF, Franciscan Action Network; Jean Stokan, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas; and Lawrence Couch, Director, Sisters of the Good Shepherd National Advocacy Centre, travelled to Honduras to learn more about the root causes driving migration of people from the region.

To join the July 10 webinar at 2:30 EDT, simply:

  • Sign in at ly/CADelegationTrip to see the video component of the call.
  • Call 917-338-1451 and enter the PIN: 619 595 to hear the audio.

Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.


First Country Group Meeting of RENATE in Albania and RENATE Staff Meeting on April 4th, 2019.


Members of the RENATE Network in Albania gathered for the first ever country group meeting for RENATE. Those present represented all the main organisations involved in direct action against Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Albania.

At the annual meeting of the RENATE Working Board last November (2018), board members suggested having greater engagement amongst the members within each country that makes up the RENATE network.

In response, Albanian country representatives met together to reflect on their work and how Albania can influence the field of anti-trafficking. RENATE President, Sr. Imelda Poole, IBVM, MBE, together with RENATE Board members Ana Stakaj and Gazmir Memaj, were present, as well Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person and Claudia Conroy, the new secretary of RENATE.

This was an opportunity to gather and share information about our in the field of anti-trafficking in Albania and collaborate on what the next steps are for developing our work. During this meeting all members compiled a draft action plan and were encouraged to have meetings every two months. We are capable of making greater impact when we work collaboratively and accountably.

An in-person RENATE staff meeting took place for the first time on the 4th and 5th of April in Albania. These two days were full with staff presenting their work, their challenges, followed by discussion for deeper understanding of how we can better help and work with one another.

The RENATE Staff visited the MWL Women Advice Centre in Tirana where they met MWL staff psychologist and social worker, Irena Kraja and Arveda Baholli who work at the centre. This was an opportunity to share with RENATE staff the work of MWL in this advice centre, where they work every day with crisis cases and emergency needs in collaboration with MWL’s partners and Governmental institutions.

Celebratory dinner in honour of Imelda Poole, IBVM, RENATE President, awarded MBE 21 November 2018.


At a celebratory dinner held in London last night (22 November, 2018), donors and friends of RENATE gathered to mark the occasion of the President being awarded an MBE.

It was an inspiring and supportive event to celebrate this special honour which Imelda has accepted on behalf of RENATE and sisters working to combat human trafficking around the world.

In their honour, guests at the dinner made financial contributions to support the work of RENATE.

Imelda shared the story of her life thus far and the story of RENATE as a firmly established network of Religious, collaborating in a myriad of ways in working against human trafficking and exploitation. A striking statement which struck a chord with everyone was that ‘’…ours is a Mission of Presence, with humility as a core source of our Mission. We work with people fallen off the edge. There is where we are called to set up new communities, outside the boundaries.’’

Two RENATE Working Board members present, Adina Balan, cj, and Ms. Ana Stakaj, shared about cross-border rescue work and activities at grass-roots level respectively. Adina spoke of her struggles against all odds in Romania,  to provide for and ensure assistance to young women and girls who are survivors of human trafficking and violence. In this regard, she instanced the capacity of RENATE as a network responding across borders whereby RENATE members in the UK provide shelter and agency in response to her call. Adina’s parting words resonated with everyone as she said ‘’Some people are alive today because RENATE exists, being there at the right time.’’

Ana Stakaj shared about the various actions underway in Albania, amongst which is the setting up of a Citizen’s Advice Centre where MWL provide Emergency Support and assistance in negotiating with social services in order that survivors of human trafficking, can live independent and dignified lives. In doing so, she spoke of ‘’…trying to break the chains of poverty and domestic violence.’’ People were very interested to hear Ana speak about the myth of migration that abounds amongst youth in Albania. Many aspire to leave the country in order to find a better quality of life, describing the UK, the USA and Canada as the ‘promised lands’ in their eyes.

The function concluded with congratulations extended to Imelda and to all at RENATE, with pledges of continued support and prayers into the future.

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.