Feast Day 8 February 2019: International Day of Prayer and Awareness against human trafficking. “TOGETHER against human trafficking”.


On February 8, 2019 let’s turn on a light against the trafficking of persons, to celebrate the 5th edition of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against human trafficking that this year will have as its theme: “TOGETHER against human trafficking”.

The first edition of the IDPT was celebrated on February 8, 2015, by the will of Pope Francis, who in 2014 entrusted the International Union of Superiors and Superiors General (UISG / USG) with promoting this day.
In these years, gathering in prayer has facilitated collaborating and overcoming the boundaries within which we operate, dedicated to our projects that, although very important, could lead us to cut ourselves off from the others. The great tragedy of trafficking urges us to overcome every barrier to join forces and collaborate for the common good.
On February 12th 2018, Pope Francis received a group of young people and representatives of the organizations sponsoring the International Day of Prayer. On this occasion he donated a very beautiful prayer that can be downloaded, into many different languages, from TALITHA KUM Website. Urged by the questions of the young participants, Pope Francis recalled how important it is to tackle the root causes of trafficking and wished “that all of you can send a message to leaders at every level of governments, business and society, to demand access to quality education and, consequently, fair and sustainable employment.”
This requires us to coordinate our actions and unite our strengths. “Together against human trafficking” is the invitation addressed to everyone, each according to their own possibilities.


Feast Day 8 February 

St Josephine Bakhita, also known as ‘Mother Moretta’ (our Black Mother) bore 144 physical scars throughout her life which were received after she was kidnapped at the age of nine and sold into slavery.

Born c. 1869 in Olgossa, Darfur, Sudan
Died 8 February 1947, Italy
Year of beatification 1992 (17 May)
Year of canonisation 2000 (1 October)

Such was the trauma experienced that she forgot her birth name and her kidnappers gave her the name Bakhita meaning ‘fortunate’. Flogging and maltreatment were part of her daily life. She experienced the moral and physical humiliations associated with slavery. It was only in 1882 that her suffering was alleviated after she was bought for the Italian Consul. This event was to transform her life. In this family and, subsequently in a second Italian home, she received from her masters, kindness, respect, peace and joy. Josephine came to discover love in a profound way even though at first she was unable to name its source. A change in her owner’s circumstances meant that she was entrusted to the Canossian Sisters of the Institute of the Catechumens in Venice. It was there that Bakhita came to know about God whom, ‘she had experienced in her heart without knowing who He was’ since she was a child. She was received into the Catholic Church in 1890, joining the sisters and making final profession in 1896. The next fifty years of her life were spent witnessing to God’s love through cooking, sewing, embroidery and attending to the door. When she was on door duty, she would gently lay her hands on the heads of the children who attended the nearby school and caress them. Her voice was pleasing to the little ones, comforting to the poor and suffering. She was a source of encouragement. Her constant smile won people’s hearts, as did her humility and simplicity. As she grew older she experienced long, painful years of sickness, but she continued to persevere in hope, constantly choosing the good. When visited and asked how she was, she’d respond: ‘As the Master desires’. During her last days she relived the painful days of her slavery and more than once begged: ‘Please, loosen the chains… they are heavy!’. Surrounded by the sisters, she died on 8 February 1947.

Useful resources from Talitha Kum for 30 July events, 2018.


World Day against Trafficking in Persons, 30 July
The International Network of Consecrated Life of Talitha Kum has been engaged for nine
years in prevention and awareness-raising activities, protection and assistance of
trafficked persons, and prosecution of trafficking offenders.
We invite you to download the posters…

Towards the 10th Anniversary of Talitha Kum
Click here to watch the Webinar (in English only)
The PPT Presentation showed by Sr. Gabriella Bottani during the webinar
is also available here

Medaille Trust Summer Campaign- HOPE- Summer 2018.


RENATE members at the Medaille Trust have come up with a lovely way to speak to the positive that is a hugely important part of our work.
Despite the suffering and injustice that surrounds Human Trafficking, we are invited to  draw upon the positive and emphasise
the power of hope, which in itself carries with it the power of possibilities.
Launched on 30 May last, each week sees a different emphasis, with ‘stories of hope’ one week, ‘gifts of hope’ another week, ‘signs of hope’
and lots of ways in which the general public can get involved and share a bit of ‘hope’.
We are inspired by the following statement, which just about synopsises their philosophy: ‘’As our summer ‘Hope’ campaign continues we reflect on what a privilege it is to be able to speak words of hope and humanity to the victims of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. This is what we do day in and day out, at our 9 safe houses for men and women.’’
There is a fund-raising component to the Campaign also, for those who can text a donation to MTMT18 £3 to 70070.
More information at:   and also
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

European Day Against Human Trafficking 18th October 2014


On the 18th of October, all over Europe we ask your attention to Human Trafficking.
We, RENATE, ask you to remember the victims of this inhumane crime.
RENATE: Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation
Vision: All people are created in the image of God. We, the religious of Europe, believe in a world where everyone has a right to human dignity. Human dignity cannot be compromised. Therefore we labour to free the world from trafficking and exploitation.
Goal: To respond to the issue of the trafficking of women, children and men in the light of Gospel values.

  • To develop awareness-raising activities against human trafficking and the growing demand within all levels of society in Europe, using all forms of modern technology and communications.
  • To network, share resources, skills and knowledge.
  • To research and implement actions against the growing demand for such abuse in the countries of origin and destination.

You are welcome to get in touch with us via and for more information or for prayers for this work.

Pope Francis about Human Trafficking on 12th December 2013
Pope Francis about Human Trafficking on 12th December 2013


European Anti Trafficking Day October 18th 2013


Join us on European Anti Trafficking Day October 18th 2013 to raise awareness of Human Trafficking across Europe.
october 18th
Ways to help 
Say a prayer for a victim
Learn about how large the Human Trafficking problem is by looking through the resouces area on the RENATE website
Tell your friend about the problem of Human Trafficking
Get involved in anti human trafficking work

European Day against Trafficking 2012


E-card and Prayer Campaign 2012:

18 oct 2012 ecard english

Download the e-card with the Renate Prayer in pdf or in PowerPoint here:

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