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28 April 2021:

  • Sr. Dr. Katharina Kluitmann osf, President DOK (D), theologian, psychologist.
  • Mrs. Dr. Doris Reisinger-Wagner, theologian, philosopher, author.

18 May 2021:

  • Sr. Véronique Margron op, President CORREF (F), theologian, moralist.
  • Br. Brendan Geary fms, clinical psychologist.


French, Italian, English, Spanish and German with similtaneous translation

This webinar is linked to a second webinar on 18th May 2021, but it is possible to participate in only one session.

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A series of four webinars considering perspectives on Human Trafficking in the light of the encyclicals Laudato ‘Si and Fratelli Tutti, have been taking place over a number of dates in October and November, 2020, with the next webinar to be screened 8 December. 

The webinars are a collaborative process, organised by the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (OLCGS), in collaboration with Collège Universitaire Henry Dunant, the Sovereign Order of Malta to monitor, combat human trafficking and Christus Liberat. 

The webinars cover aspects of the overall theme, with a specific focus selected for each individual webinar and are informed by speakers from a cross-section of international, experienced practitioners. 

To view the webinars already recorded, please find the dates and links below.

20 October 2020: ‘’Religious Helping Trafficking Victims along the Road to Recovery.’’ 

27 October 2020:  ‘’Religious Working in International Advocacy against Human Trafficking.’’

1 December 2020: ‘’The impact of Human Trafficking on Health:- Trauma.’’

8 December will see the fourth in the series of webinars, focusing on the theme ‘’ The impact of Human Trafficking on Health:- Healing.’’ 

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** Subtitled translations (Chinese, Dutch, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian) of the webinars are available at: 

‘’A Hidden army of ‘very brave nuns’ fight child trafficking’’ – NBC news feature.


As part of the Keeping the Faith series, NBC’s Cynthia McFadden tells the story of strong women who have been working mostly in the shadows until now.

Focusing on the work of Catholic sisters leading the global fight to combat Child Trafficking and Exploitation, NBC’s  Keeping the Faith series places a spotlight on the almost invisible work being done by Catholic sisters. 

Watch the Today Show story on a ‘hidden army’ of tens of thousands of Catholic sisters fighting trafficking from their communities.

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STOP Trafficking Newsletter – April 2020 edition


While this particular issue seems quite specific to the US, we can still find it relevant to those of us whose countries offer Foster-care programmes and Programmes for youths who cannot live in their family homes. 

Children in the foster care system lack a permanent and stable family, they may move multiple times during their time in foster care and may have limited access to educational opportunities. This may contribute to their sense of vulnerability and puts them at risk of Human Trafficking. 

You can download the pdf or go to online copy at :

Congratulations to RENATE colleagues at Damaris House, Greece, on their 5th anniversary!


Dina Petrou, founded Damaris House in March 2016 and shares her joyful message with us as follows:

‘’This month calls for celebration at Community House Damaris, as we complete 5 years since we were officially established on March 16, 2016!  This date brought the answer to my seven-year prayer for a safe, healing space for these precious women who were victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. It was the day I saw God answer the burden of my heart to establish a safe house and recovery program aimed specifically to meet the needs of the women whom I had been reaching out to for ten years in several brothels of downtown Athens. I am deeply grateful to God.

Since Damaris House has opened its doors in March of 2016 –

  • 28 women have joined the program
  • 16 babies have been born to women while in the program
  • 32 children have had a mother participate in the program

All these milestones that God allowed us to reach and celebrate have lead me to envision the next step of this ministry. Specifically, that I dream of establishing a social businesses for the employment and financial support of our girls after graduating Phases I & II of the Day Program. This has been a burden in my heart all these years and I have been praying for the provision of the right business person – maybe from the States or Europe – to convey and expand this vision of mine.

The Glory belongs to God, to whom we keep giving thanks daily for His protection and Providence in all our needs. We thank Him for all of our supporters and all who have been praying and supporting us in many tangible ways. Please, keep praying that God gives us wisdom and discernment, that He is the One who guides our steps so that we can serve our girls effectively.

We continue with what we have, praying and looking with faith expectantly at what will come out of His hand.

Love in Christ,

Facebook: @housedamaris               


U.S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking: STOP Trafficking Newsletter – January 2021


’Climate change is one of the causes of poverty and forced migration, which make people vulnerable to human trafficking…’’ 

The stark headline of the January 2021 issue of STOP Trafficking anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter sets out the theme of this month’s edition of the Newsletter, which not only informs about the consequences of climate change on the most vulnerable but also highlights the distinctions between refugees who are displaced due to natural disasters created by climate change and all other refugees.  Under current international refugee agreements, people displaced by environmental disasters do not qualify for international aid or protection under the 1951 Refugee Convention…thereby rendering them vulnerable to  traffickers.

Read about the story of Dahia, sold by traffickers into prostitution in Somalia.

The Newsletter cites several country narratives from the Annual Trafficking in Persons Report (2020)  linking human trafficking and natural disasters (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Vanuatu).

Under the heading of Advocacy, there is a comprehensive feature on vulnerabilities after a natural disaster, including reference to refugee camps and labour trafficking. 

And finally, ACTION and what can be done, features on the closing pages of the Newsletter.

A MUST read!

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Contre La Traite Des Êtres Humains – December 2020 Newsletter


Child Victims of Trafficking and Migration Policies, is the central theme of the December edition of the Newsletter. The publication exposes the reality whereby countries  signed up to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, promising to protect the best interests of the child, may not in fact, be fully living up to their obligations in this regard.  

This newsletter holds a spotlight up to France specifically and explores topics such as Isolated minors without protection; Migration policies creating insecurity; how separated families can expose minors to exploitation; difficulties in accessing education; cases where the duty to protect minors is not adhered to; the imprisonment -not protection- of exploited minors and how difficult it is for minors who are victims of trafficking, to access protection. 

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