APT/AMRI Ireland (Act to Prevent Trafficking) – Liturgy to mark the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, 8 February 2020.


Members of APT/AMRI held a Liturgy in honour of St. Josphine Bakhita when they met on 10 February last.

Comprising elements of Liturgies shared by Talitha Kum, the UISG & the USCSAHT, the service focused our thoughts and prayers on the victims and survivors of Human Trafficking.

Comprising songs (I am who I am), quotations from Pope Francis and scripture reading form Ezekiel (36:26-27), the Liturgy concluded with the following excerpt from Talitha Kum:

‘’We give thanks for the many people throughout our world who work in so many practical ways to bring an end to Humana Trafficking. Open to the loving-kindness of our God, may heir hearts not tire nor their spirits flag.
let us remember those freed from the chains of their traffickers, may God help them to continue to flourish and to live with hope.

Let us pray for those still trapped by traffickers, ay God keep he hope of freedom alive in their hearts.

Let us ask for a change of heart in those who exploit others in this way…may God open  their eyes to the true dignity of the human person.’’