APT/AMRI Ireland (Act to Prevent Trafficking) – Liturgy to mark the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, 8 February 2020.


Members of APT/AMRI held a Liturgy in honour of St. Josphine Bakhita when they met on 10 February last.

Comprising elements of Liturgies shared by Talitha Kum, the UISG & the USCSAHT, the service focused our thoughts and prayers on the victims and survivors of Human Trafficking.

Comprising songs (I am who I am), quotations from Pope Francis and scripture reading form Ezekiel (36:26-27), the Liturgy concluded with the following excerpt from Talitha Kum:

‘’We give thanks for the many people throughout our world who work in so many practical ways to bring an end to Humana Trafficking. Open to the loving-kindness of our God, may heir hearts not tire nor their spirits flag.
let us remember those freed from the chains of their traffickers, may God help them to continue to flourish and to live with hope.

Let us pray for those still trapped by traffickers, ay God keep he hope of freedom alive in their hearts.

Let us ask for a change of heart in those who exploit others in this way…may God open  their eyes to the true dignity of the human person.’’

Together against human trafficking. “No to the commodification of the person”- Justa del Sol Hernando.


Together against human trafficking. “No to the commodification of the person”- Justa del Sol Hernando.

On 11 February, the Spanish newspaper, El ADELANTADO, published an article on Human Trafficking, composed by RENATE  member, Justa del sol Hernando, to mark the International Day of Prayer and Reflection on Human Trafficking (8 February). We are delighted to share the feature below.

The declaration of Human Rights in 1948, in article 4, states that: “No one may be subject to slavery or servitude; slavery and trade for slavery are prohibited in any form. ”

More than 70 years have passed since this Universal Declaration, however, slavery has not disappeared, it is invisible. There are many and very different forms of slavery in our 21st century society: labor exploitation, child slavery, forced begging, children for war, forced marriages, sale of children, organ trafficking and marketing, prostitution and sexual exploitation, merchants international …

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Radio Catholique France  (ECF) runs a series of recorded interviews on the issue of Human Trafficking. Podcasts of those interviews are available  at

RENATE member Marie Helene Halligon, sends us news of the recording last month, on the issue of Child Trafficking Worldwide and discussions on the report  entitle “Invisible children / an unpunished crime: Taking action against the exploitation and trafficking of children” published by Secours Catholique.

To access the podcast:

Budapest: 6th World Day of Awareness and Prayer against Human Trafficking


In 2014 a small group of religious sisters and lay women initiated a prayer event in the Sacred Heart Jesuit Church in Budapest for trafficked people on the feast of St. Bakhita Josephine.

On 7th February 2020- the vigil of St. Bakhita’s feast- SOLWODI Hungary Association invited the religious from Budapest for the 7th time to pray for the victims of human trafficking, through the intercession of St. Josephine Bakhita.

The Holy Mass was celebrated by H. E. Dr Ferenc Cserháti, Bishop of Hungarians living abroad. The prayers of the Faithful were inspired by the prayer of a Hungarian lady, a survivor of human trafficking.

The Holy Mass was preceded by a pilot project of SOLWODI Hungary Association in collaboration with ORFK (Hungarian Police) and the House of Dialogue – the Jesuit Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Budapest.

The project aims to give information about the phenomenon of human trafficking, focussed on the Hungarian reality. The project also offers an insight into possible ways of prevention and restoration.

SOLWODI Hungary plan to bring this workshop to the Hungarian dioceses where it is requested. Hopefully, the 2020 SOLWODI Event on the European Day Against Human Trafficking will take place in one of the most affected counties, Baranya – with the collaboration of the local Catholic Church leaders.

Gabriella Mezinger, SJC & Gabriella Legradi, SJC.

6th World Day o Awareness and Prayer against Human Trafficking



On 8 February 2020, we mark the 6th World Day o Awareness and Prayer against Human Trafficking.  Join us in Prayer, Action, and Advocacy to prevent and end Human Trafficking & Exploitation.

A number of resources to assist our work together are available as follows:

  1. The Talitha Kum Prayer Vigil ”Together against Human Trafficking,” is accessible at:

2. The 2020 National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention month & Day of Prayer Toolkit created by the US Catholic Bishop’s Conference, is available at:

3. The US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking Newsletter is available at: