A short video made by Unchosen, in the UK, may prove to be a valuable resource to RENATE members working in the areas of human trafficking awareness-raising and prevention.


Members of Human Trafficking ring arrested and four women safeguarded in Spain.


Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace: Called to be Peacemakers.


RENATE Core Group meeting- Greece, February 2018.


Work of female Religious considered to be ‘’…nothing short of miraculous.’’


St. Bakhita in the spotlight at TV2000, Rome.


Pope Francis responds to queries from students and migrants regarding combatting Human Trafficking, on the week of part of the International Day of Awareness and Prayer against Human Trafficking.


RENATE member, Marie Hélène Halligon, csb, shares a series of reflections to accompany us through Lent. 


Event in Albania, 8 February, 2018- In honour of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, feast of St. Bakhita.


RENATE amongst those attending the SANTA MARTA group meeting at the Vatican.