World Day against Trafficking in Persons. July 30, 2017.


SECTT- the sexual exploitation of children embedded in the context of travel, tourism or both (The Global Study, p.20).


Laudato ‘Si ‘’Centre-stage in the life of the Catholic Church.’’


Local authority in the UK votes unanimously to initiate a human trafficking awareness campaign.


Pope Francis does not allow us ignore the connections between organised crime, of which Modern Slavery is one.


News from the summer session of the Council of Europe Conference of INGO’s, 26-30 June 2017.


Talitha Kum publish the report on the meeting of the International Coordinators, which took place in Rome, 19-23 June, at the UISG offices Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo.


RENATE member, Sr. Begoña Iñarra, Missionnaire de N.D. d’Afrique (Sœurs Blanches), shares her presentation to the round-table discussions at the UN, on the interconnectedness of migration and human trafficking.


US Government votes to Re-authorise and Strengthen Key Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation which targets human traffickers. 11 July 2017.


Scotland takes positive measures to help victims of human trafficking.