ANDANTE update for July 2020


On behalf of the ANDANTE CoCoa, the Chairs Vroni Peterhans and Sabine Slawik, share with us a brief update on their activities, by way of honouring the feast day of Mary of Magdala, the apostle of the apostles, 22 July 2020. Her feast day and her courageous witness are a source of inspiration.

The next ANDANTE Study Days are planned from 30th June to 5th July 2021 in Riga on the topic: Our voice – our lives – our future. Empowerment of women and women’s organisations.

Your attention is also drawn to the following website, which points out a common pilgrimage of all Catholic women, which will have its climax in November 2021:

This website marks the beginning of the pilgrimage and preparation process for a ‘synod-like’ event that will focus on catholic women’s issues. The exact information is available on the website.

The update is available in French, German and English