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Please click here to download the Application Form for funding from RENATE.  

Please sign this form and return electronically to RENATE:
RENATE (Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation)
One of the major objectives of RENATE is to support the members in their daily work and to build capacity for this task. To achieve this objective RENATE has a Fund which members can request. To avail of this fund the applicant must comply with RENATE’s Criteria and the Donor’s Guidelines. Up to ten applications will be considered each year, over this number will be considered in the following financial year.
It is envisaged that the Fund be used for:

  • Language course;
  • short respite care for worker;
  • Upskill a worker in the field of Human Trafficking(not planned for in the Project’s Annual Budget);
  • To meet the emergency needs of those who have been trafficked or may be at risk of being trafficked (not for infrastructure).(For example:health issues, homelessness: 6 months’ rent to help families become independent (resettlement),education of woman or childcare fees so as to be free to avail of any educational course.);

Up to €1000 for language course and  €2000 for a local project/Capacity Building per applicant per annum (at the discretion of Core Group).
For financial auditing purposes the successful applicant must submit receipts with evidence of completion of task and /or a copy of certificate of attendance (where applicable).
How to Apply: Please click here to download the Application Form for funding from RENATE.
Members can avail of this fund by writing to RENATE’s official email address for an ‘Application Form’. Return the completed form electronically to
A response to an application will be given as soon as possible, and prior to any decision that is taken regarding the particular request.
The request will then be taken to RENATE’s Core Group for approval/non approval.
(Core Group meet once a month). The Secretary will inform the applicant of the outcome.

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