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In Spring 2017, Ten Ten Theatre was asked by TRAC- a group of 16 Religious congregations of sisters from across the UK- to consider producing a new piece of work which helps young people to explore:

The issue of Modern Slavery;

The problem with pornography;

The dignity of the human person.

Following a meeting between Sister Patricia Mulhall (a founding member of TRAC), Martin O’ Brien (the Artistic Director of Ten Ten) and representatives of all the Religious Orders involved in TRAC, it was decided that Ten Ten would aim to produce a new theatre play for schools, following the huge success of their production of ‘’This is My Body.’’

This new play, provisionally titled ‘’Grace,’’ would differ from ‘’This is My Body’’ in the following ways:

It would tell a story about trafficking within the UK;

It would not focus on the victim but on the fight against slavery, making it more empowering for the audience;

It would be appropriate for young people aged 14+;

It would be easier and cheaper to stage.

Please consider helping The Ten Ten Charitable Trust to support this important project. To take this production to 25 Secondary schools in Spring 2018 will cost £15,000. Ten Ten has already generated £5,562.50 plus it is anticipated that £6,875 will be raised through fees charged. Therefore, our current fundraising target is £2,562.50. We aim to raise this by August 2017 in order to enable the project.

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 Patricia Mulhall, csb.

In an interview with Manx radio on 18 June 2017, Imelda speaks of her experiences as a Catholic Religious sister, working on the margins in Albania with the most deprived women and children, amongst beautiful people who struggle to secure a better quality of life. 

The interview is on the ‘’Praise’’ morning show, at approx. 0:08.52 on the metre.

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.


RENATE is encouraged by a recent EUROPOL announcement regarding an operation last month which monitored more than 22,193 people and 6,056 vehicles at more than 2,900 locations in industries including transportation, agriculture, maritime, food processing and catering. EUROPOL says dozens of suspected human traffickers have been arrested in the continent-wide operation targeting criminal gangs. The operation identified 221 “potential victims of trafficking.”

The weeklong operation involving law enforcement and other agencies from 26 countries has resulted in 133 people being detained or arrested on suspicion of human trafficking or illegal immigration. Information collected during the operation, has generated 44 new investigations.

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Increasing numbers of African migrants traveling through Libya in order to get to smugglers’ boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea, speak of being traded in ‘’slave markets’’ in Libya, as well as being held for ransom, forced labour or sexual exploitation.

Throughout their journey, they are at risk of being attacked by armed gangs and smuggling networks that often force them to pay extra money in exchange for being allowed to continue. The Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime estimates that migrant smuggling is worth up to $323 million a year in Libya. 

Despite the dangers of trying to reach Europe, thousands continue to take the risk and fall prey to traffickers and smugglers and are ultimately exploited, a far cry from their dreams of a better life in Europe.

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Fr. Shay Cullen, a member of the Irish Missionary Society of St. Columban and founder of The Preda Foundation since 1975, reflects upon the successes gained in the fight against child abuse by means of the World Wide Web.

Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, Fr.Cullen, 72, has worked protecting women and children from sex slavery and promoting human rights, peace and non-violence in the Philippines since 1969.

Full article at: Success Against the Child Abusers Online- Fr. Shay Cullen.

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.